Discover the Promenade des Saveurs

Spotlight on the Promenade des Saveurs

The summers of 2020 and 2021 allowed us to implement and build an innovative pilot project in the heart of the Ste-Marie neighborhood: the largest edible pedestrian street in Canada! With its 1620 ft2 of cultivable area, more than 500 kg of vegetables and fruits were produced and distributed to the community.

During the growing season Smart Pots filled with over 60 species of edible plants dot the rue Dufresne. The drip irrigation system on rue Dufresne was installed with the help of the Ville-Marie borough. This pedestrian garden is our most productive garden, and approximately 75% of the vegetables are harvested by passers-by!

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Émilie, Urban Agriculture Coordinator, and horticultural animator Mylène! (Photo by the Ville de Montréal )

“In addition to encouraging me and allowing me to eat more greens, which is good for my body, admiring the aesthetic beauty of this project in a majestic place, taking advantage of the unifying aspect and participating in a solidarity project did me a lot of good in a global way. […] It gave me hope for a better and more caring world!”

– Centre-Sud resident, on the Promenade des Saveurs

For more information on this project or to get involved in the gardens, contact Emilie or call 514 525 6611.