Summary Reports of Initiatives to Improve Access to Fruits and Vegetables

In order to share our knowledge and learnings, these summary reports present highlights, an analysis of actions and recommendations for several projects, initiatives and collaborations carried out by the Carrefour Solidaire (formerly the Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud) over the past ten years to improve Montrealers’ access to fruits and vegetables.

We are making these reports available to the general public in the hope that they will inspire new and innovative projects that improve access to healthy food for all in a context of dignity and solidarity. A big thank you to all the partners who made these projects possible, and another big thank you to the Direction Régionale de Santé Publique of Montréal for allowing us to put all these important reflections on paper.

(These reports are only available in French for now. If you need a translated version, let us know at and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!)